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All I am thinking today is the most toughest battle people face in their life, the battle of acceptance.

What  is it  that makes acceptance so difficult? The fear of losing self, insecurity, judgments, fear of not getting understood ?

Everyone wants things in their life certain way. Why can’t we accept the moment as it is? What’s the inevitable undefined force that on board us all away from the acceptance?

Oh People! Oh Lord!
We are born imperfectionist….There is uncertainty in our existence right at this very moment…whom are we trying to impress? The world? Ourselves? Universe? Or the irony is  we don’t even know whom we are trying to impress.

If you are paralyzed, you can’t walk. Then why do you want to walk? Why can’t you gracefully accept the painful fact?
If a person doesn’t really understand you,why do you want the person to forcefully understand you? What’s a big deal even if no one understands you?
You know there is no way to make more money right at this moment, still why do you want it more?
You pick up a choice, then why do you regret it’s consequences?
You fall into love, you fall out of love, why can’t we accept it as it is?
You say what you can say, but don’t say what you actually want to say. What’s a big deal even if you can’t say it.

Acceptance solves everything in life……..however painful it is!!!!








‘A MAgical Void’

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A thought is traversing all the way down there..
Wibblying and wobbling expeditiously, riding on the sphere..
Numerous momentary controls are ever ready for ruling the thought,
one who can break the barrier is only another thought!

I am eagerly waiting to welcome another thought,
who was aware that need to pass a void before even giving it a thought…
Part left for wondering is, is it essential to actually give it a shot?
Or to astonishingly welcome the solitude on the path….

A spark happens forming a magical connection..between….my two soulmates
a moment that I actually lived, has been already passed..
My mind and heart overlaps restricting the movement of my thought…
and suddenly everything gets on the track..




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A foggy street in the midst of the evening,
blowing wind tethering by whispering in the ear.
Step by step tune of the music
altering like a parting signal in the pathway.

I cross-walk the way while
tuning in and tuning up the pitch.
Undoubtedly thoughts were not allowed
while crossing the way.

It all started with an imagination
leaving no place for realization
Suddenly gentle wind brushes the hair
An invitation at the gateway of heaven

I crave for solitude on this path…
Suddenly pitch gets on the track.
Now traversing in the real world,
leaving solitude on its foggy way….



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You take a pause, before following any precious moment of your life..
You take a pause, before pronouncing any heavy word coming from your heart….
It’s a pause that gives meaning to sentences..
it’s a pause that actually gives feelings to emotions.

It’s a pause that protect us from falling down from a great height..
it’s a pause of moon that’s necessary to help us rise….
it’s a pause that makes us understand the truth…
it’s a pause that helps us not to break.

Some pauses are long enough, not to be heard….
gets buried between two sides of words…
some pauses are short enough, to get habitual…
are heard frequently but can’t be felt anymore…

Some pauses are held until end,
making us regret after the end…
some pauses are secret enough,
not to be unfolded…..

Pause while staring in eyes….
pause while expressing your speech…
pause while walking alone….
pause while catching a glimpse…
pause while seeing a smile…
pause while hearing a song……
are the most precious pauses.


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I am perceived by you,
the way you visualize me…
I am perceived by myself,
the way I am getting mature with my thoughts..

Some say I am good,
Some say I am bad,
But you know its not actually me,
Its all about how much your thoughts and perception are overlapping…


You try to judge me by my behavior,
You understand me by what you hear from me,
You try to predict my personality ,
But its not actually me,
You don’t know where actually I am hiding….

You see smile on one’s face,
and easily say how happy he is.
But can’t see pain behind one’s silence…..

By seeing shadow of a person,
you can’t predict about his physicality,
His shadow will enlarge and shrink,
depending upon the distance we are perceiving it.
Similarly a person can’t be perceived …………….
until we cross the distance that reaches up to his developing thoughts…..






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Sometimes they are soothing,
sometimes they are irritating.
sometimes they bring an illusion,
other times they are accepted without an option.
some are visualized as dark,
but reality is they can’t fade…..

Along with a comfort,
they bring her a motivation.
Colors make her aware of her skills,
colors tells her actually where she is moving…

Everyone has a story,
colors know how to light up these memories.
colors can’t be hided,
but know how to hide everything.

She wears colors,
as she is not an orphan.
she wears colors,
as they build her confidence.
she wears colors,
to increase beauty of her inner self.
she wears colors,
to impress herself.
colors make her like herself…..


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A beating rhythm at the left corner of my soul,
can’t bear more hatret..
Let it break completely,
or let my soul completely reside into peace..


I can’t hate more,
because it makes me hate my inner self,
making my every beating rhythm,
heavier due to loads of guilt…
I was not right or wrong,
The time I was going through was…
actually not mine!

It was not my violence,
It was my love…
Pain if I would have hided in my soul,
may have lead to my end….
I was selfish..
But my feelings and emotions were not..


Its time to pray,
the curses rolled down,
along with my every tear drop for you,
were not meant for you….
They are not meant for you…
They will not be meant for you…


My soul doesn’t wish anything more from you..
Just accept my guilt…Just forgive me for that curse…



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You hurt one,
but didn’t mean it…
You don’t show,
but can feel the pain in it…..
You are sorry,
but aren’t able to  say it…
You didn’t mean it,
but are aware that you are the reason for it……


You get disturbed,
but world views it normal…
You wish to be mature,
but world still wants to see child in you…
You don’t want to dissapoint,
but you can’t do miracles,
you are not able to handle  emotions,
because you are losing your innocence!!

Your heart is completely broken,
but world can see only your strong character…
you don’t regret,
but don’t want to explain yourself….
You are trying hard  to be rigid,
but are not aware that losing your innocence with it….


Tears are tired of getting dried,
heart cannot bear more scrap……
Scared to see the light,
because night has seen all your fights….
You are not scared of having a ride in that mid-night again and again,
but cannot bear a loss…..
something which is very precious to you….
its your innocence..
its your innocence….





Understanding a girl!

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She may be complicated,
but she is not fake.
Sometimes she commands,
Sometimes she demands,
but she is worth respecting.


A girl is always ready to sacrifice,
She is very patient…
She is not weak,
She is strong enough,
to fight with this whole world.


A real girl is not identified with her body,
she can be revealed by seeing in her eyes.
A girl when prays,
never wishes for her anything,
She first wishes for her parents,
and then for her loved ones.


A girl gets angry on you,
only when she loves you.
A girl may flirt with many guys,
but space in her heart,
is filled by her only prince charm.


A girl can cry whole night,
and again light up the morning,
by her charming smile.
A girl never likes to show her pain….
its the only thing she is able to hide easily…


Every girl wishes for a guy,
who is manly,
who will scold her,
who will get angry on her,
but will never ever let her go…
who will respect her,
who will love her more than anyone else in this world…

A girl cannot be judged,
as she is a God’s creation…
Its difficult to understand her….
because creator’s blessings are with her…
and thus only other girl is able to understand her…



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Its not what we see,its how we see

Its not what we express,its how we feel

Its not what we hide,its why we hide.

Its not about how much we show,its about how much we really care.


Rain droplets on glass reflects glass on other side,

While same droplets on a lotus leaf reflects beauty and colors on other side..

Transparency doesn’t reside on how we think,its more about on what we think…

Transparency is not just understanding pain,its about feeling pain.


Transparency is not just being honest to others,

its first being honest to ourselves….

Transparency is not just having a beating heart,

it’s about being able to understand beats of other heart….

Transparency can never be concluded with words,

its always reflected with eyes…


Transparency is not always first thinking about ‘ME’ its about having a place to ‘ÝOU’ also….



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